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excellent, clip together system, for handloading. Can be supplied with timber decking or mesh decking.

where existing building heights allow, these systems provide, up to double the usable floor area, therefore saving the need to move, the costs involved and increased rent. Future re-location of these systems is comparatively easy and cost effective.

available for small electrical wiring drums through to heavy duty drums. Made to your requirements.

lightweight through to heavy duty systems available, customised to your requirements.

this system saves ‘ailse-space’ but careful consideration has to be given to types of products stored and the products shelf life.

for storage of palletised stock / product, where rotation of stored products is reasonably fast and where aisle space is at a premium. This system requires a ‘reach-type’ forklift.

for storage of palletised stock / product, both standard and customised rack available in powder coat or hot dipped galvanised finish.

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