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Raised Storage Areas

Raised Storage Areas (also known as Mezzanine Floors) are the fastest way to add extra floor space within the shell of an existing building. In fact it virtually allows you to double your floor space without having to find alternate premises.

Raised storage areas provide the means to create separate zones within one centralised facility, so you can separate areas for bulky items, fragile items, etc.

Raised Storage Areas can also be used for additional shelving, racking and office partitions can be installed to increase area and provide cost effective use of the whole area while ground floor fixtures are not affected.

All raised storage areas are designed and manufactured in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards and codes of practice to your own individual requirements.

Key benefits of your raised storage system

  • Doubling your floor space and storage areas.
  • Raised storage areas can be supported by either Pallet racking or Longspan Shelving and allow clear space beneath the structure.
  • Raised storage areas can also be designed to have the base racking protrude through the raised floor to create extra shelving and storage areas atop the floor.
Raised Storage Area on Longpsan Shelving

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